Meet our team

HFCF Founders

Caroline Audoir de Valter is the Founder and CEO at HFCF 

The NGO is her mission and her life. A busy mother of two beautiful sons, she feels strongly for the health and education of children in need. Together with her HFCF team, they share a vision to empower children and women in the most vulnerable communities and support them to find better opportunities. Each program is conceptualised by Caroline and implemented by a team of amazingly dedicated individuals. They reach out to thousands of children and women every year bringing forward a vision of empowerment, compassion, and will to do Good. 

Acharya Hector S. Ramos is a Co-Founder at HFCF

In 2006, Hector and Caroline partnered to start Hope for the Children Foundation. Their vision, complicity, and compassion to help humanity have been the core driving force and motive behind implementing holistic programs that heal the Mind, Body & Soul. Hector is a senior disciple of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and has been teaching the higher courses of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga since 1990. 


Meet our Managers

Neha Sinha is the Head of Donor Care & Resource Development

She joined the organisation in 2010 and has been working closely with the Founders, and leads the Fundraising department and Donor care stewardship. Neha has been instrumental in bridging the gap between donors and our beneficiaries with our employee’s engagement program through planned CSR activities. HFCF’s vision continues to drive her confidence and give her immense professional satisfaction.  

Shruti Dimble is the Head of Programs

She joined HFCF in the year 2013. She came to HFCF with a strong experience in microfinance, women’s issues and issues related to community development. She has been associated with various social organisations connected to Community Development for the past 15 years. She says that working with HFCF is a joyful experience.  Reaching out to the needy and taking them a step ahead towards a dignified life is a mission of HFCF team.  

Asha D’Silva is the Head of Finance 

She is the HFCF office’s meticulous and soft-spoken driving force. She manages Admin Accounts & admin operations of the organisation. She has had a long, 18-year association with the accounting business. But once she moved to Pune from Mumbai with her young family, she took up a teaching job. She is happy to work at HFCF because she loves being around children and is motivated to utilise her time in ensuring their happiness.


Meet our team members

Sangita Sharma is the Assistant Program Manager

Sangita has been working with HFCF since 2012. Having done her Masters in Social work (MSW), she is interested in working with women and children. She coordinates programs that help our beneficiaries through various charity initiatives. For the past 4 years, she has worked coordinating various training programs under Atmanirbharata project and helped develop the programs Disha Darshan and Shiksha ki Asha. She also leads the volunteer engagement program and is a key person in documenting the programs and activities for organisational records. 

Sarita Sodhi is the Assistant coordinator at Atmanirbharata Program

She joined HFCF in the year 2013 and since then has been helping empowerment of women and rendering them self-sustained. She has been coordinating various livelihood training programs for women to build their skills and enhance their living standards. She also conducts programs to raise awareness about the issues related to them. She helps develop products that can create sustainability and provide a platform to sell them. This year, she helped us implement the new Community Outreach Program through various centres.

Kalyani Mudaliar is the Coordinator for Shiksha Ki Asha

Kalyani joined HFCF in 2016. She previously worked with an international NGO and brings with her a total of 15 years experience. She manages all the Shiksha ki Asha related learning centres. She provides support and training to our teachers ensuring that the vision of the program remains the main focus of SKA’s success. Documentation and impact assessment is her strength and she contributes immensely in spreading the program to more and needier children.

Debarghya Dhar, Coordinator - Disha Darshan

Debarghya joined us this year and has done Masters in Social Work. Before joining HFCF, he helped coordinate a CSR course at Karve Institute. He has also worked in the field of waste management. Currently, at HFCF he coordinates a project called Disha Darshan which is a life skill education program. He is passionate about his work and wishes to make children aware of their ‘self’ and help them become a sensitive and a socially responsible human being.

Our supporting staff

The Foundation counts on many more associates, teachers, and volunteers that contribute to its success.