HFCF Calendar

The 2017 annual HFCF calendar was sponsored by Cooper Corp Ltd and the portfolio was done by Hrishikesh Puranik of Lifetime Memoirs




In the year 2016, the photography for the calendar was done by Deborah Clearwater


In the year 2015 Photography credits Uma Dhanwantey

To mark the determination of our beneficiaries, every year we dedicate our HFCF calendar to them. The photos are a celebration of the colour, vitality, fun and substance our beneficiaries represent. They are not just talented but are also opinionated social citizens who believe education will be their instrument of change. Amazing friend photographers of HFCF have captured the inherent beauty and spirit of the beneficiaries we work with every day.

HFCF extends the gratitude to Acharya Hector, Shruti Nambiar, Beth Winsor, Uma Dhanwatey, Deborah Clearwater for volunteering their time to capture the essence of HFCF’s work with their lenses.

In the year 2014 Photography credits Beth Winsor   

In the year 2013 Photography credits Shruti Nambiar & Caroline Audior de Valter  


 In the year 2012 Photography credits Acharya Hector S. Ramos & Caroline Audior de Valter