Summer Fun Camp

Every year HFCF organises a summer camp for the children from in and around the community with the objective of creating opportunities to learn and gain knowledge as well as to provide fun and recreation. The Summer Camp is also our opportunity to be closer to the child beneficiaries to make their experience both informative and educative.

The summer camp has been conducted every year since the past 4 years towards the third week of May. The children are taught various activities that help them develop different skills and also nurture their young minds. The sessions are made enjoyable and fun which enhances the process of learning like yoga, painting, jewellery making, music, Diya painting, paper bag making, acting & drama, art & craft, dance & a lot more. We also teach kids about manners, etiquettes, first-aid, health & hygiene, environment, social issues, festivals etc. that helps them become a dynamic, original, productive & sensitive person.

If you wish to volunteer for next summer camp and share your skills and knowledge, please contact us at

Other ways to get involved: Sponsor a meal, give food grains and sweets and /or provide art & educational materials. Sponsor a Picnic or a fun outing to the kids like a movie, amusement park please contact