India is one of the most highly populated and poorest country in the world. It is estimated that one million children become orphans every year. These children are vulnerable and share a common story: a life of poverty, malnutrition, social exclusion, illiteracy and exploitation.
Poverty is an acute and widespread condition for most of India's 375 million children. 50% of India's total population lives below the poverty line. They lack food, clean water, adequate housing, clothing and proper work conditions. According to statistics, 5.6 million children die every year because of malnutrition.

Children from poor families start to work from a very young age and most likely do not receive proper education. Any money which poor families have is used for food and survival.

DID You know that
  11 million children are on the streets of India. Often, Children come from a very difficult background such as abject poverty & parental abuse. To escape the harsh reality, they choose to live on the streets where they get even more neglected, malnourished, exploited and abused.
  18 million children are orphans. One of the most tragic and difficult challenges with the HIV/AIDS epidemic is the growing number of children who lose their parents to AIDS. India has an estimated 2.3 million HIV positive individuals between the ages of 15 and 49 years old who are living with HIV. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a massive and rapidly mounting disaster which threatens the survival of children. It is estimated that every year more than 23,000 children are infected by mother to child transmission of HIV.
Who we are?
Hope for the Children Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to the well-being of orphans and underprivileged children of India.
What we do?
We provide food and empower orphans and poor children through education, skill-development, reliance program and aid.
Who do we help?
We adopt projects and support orphanages, homes for street children, schools in slum & children at risk and vulnerable.
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