Who We Are

At Hope For the Children Foundation, we believe that the first step to all social changes is self-realization and individual empowerment.

When we embarked on this journey of hope in 2006, we had just one calling in our hearts – to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the communities around us.

We started with the singular goal of helping the children stay focused on their academics and on the path of education. Soon, we were confronted by the harsh realities of their lives - children dropped out of school and were pushed into labour since they were considered working hands in families where mere survival was a daily struggle and two meals a day, a dream!

We progressed to providing these children daily nutritious meals, conducting regular health checks and also began distributing food grains to their mothers so that nutritional, healthy food could become part of their daily lives and discourage the parents from inducing the children in labour.

In a very short span of time we realised that these were short term goals and that the mothers of these children were equally in need of help as well.

Our focal areas have progressively expanded since those early days and today our effort is to design and implement programs that provide holistic support to the children and their families.

Our core programs are Shiksha Ki Asha and Disha Darshan for children and Atmanirbharta for women. These programs are based on a comprehensive Holistic Approach supported by various other supporting programs such as family counselling, monthly medical checkups, recreational activities, training in soft skills, micro finance and micro insurance to help women regain their independence and become self-reliant.

Our goal is to ensure that they are empowered to be self-sufficient and self-reliant through Education while also helping them achieve personal happiness and good health.

Over the years, we have also realised that good intentions alone cannot bring about a change. What we need is sustained social support and constant re-evaluation of projects without ever losing focus of our ultimate goal.

As an organisation we reach out to as many individuals as possible; and where we can’t, we support other organisations to reach out to more vulnerable children and their families, with our knowledge programs.

HFCF also connects real people and their real needs by propagating grass root-level experience and work by adopting innovative approaches to solve critical social issues that empower children through food, education, livelihood and vocational training.

Our Mission                    

Empowering socially and economically challenged women and children to lead a life of dignity and self-reliance. 

HFCF's ultimate mission is to inspire the development of the entire community, with the central focus on supporting and empowering children. This can be rightfully achieved only when the women and children of the community are educated, healthy and financially self-reliant.

Our Core Values

We follow a policy of strict adherence to our Core Values which include Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Compassion & Commitment to our Mission, Co-operation and Innovation.

Our Approach

Over the years we have interacted with thousands of children and their families, especially their mothers, to understand their needs better. Our experience has taught us that no child can be truly rehabilitated unless her/his family is empowered.

We firmly believe that mothers can steer changes in the entire community. Hence, when we make one woman capable of earning her living through learning and vocational training, we ensure that her whole family eats better, lives better and understands the value of a good, sound education better.

HFCF works through many social and educational projects. Some of these have become permanent features of the organisation. The Foundation has developed 3 core programs which are HFCF’s women empowerment program  Atmanirbharata that works in synergy with 2 other core programs: Shiksha ki Asha and Disha Darshan.

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