Holistic Approach

All HFCF programs include the following aspects

Mind, Body & Soul

All our programs are designed and conceptualised by an expert team of social workers and visionaries. Each program aims to develop the Mind, Body and the Soul of the little ones. They are piloted and run for many years. We can proudly say that they have produced excellent results in all aspects of the children’s lives and empowerment of women under our wings. Here are the 4 essential elements that make our programs successful:

1. Food – Nourished body, healthy mind

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Millions of children in India today survive on food that is more often deficient in vitamins and proteins. The regularity of these meals is also uncertain, hampering their physical and mental growth deeply.They survive on meagre rations that leave their minds and bodies malnourished and incapable of any constructive study or play. Our feeding programs benefit the children and women of our various projects. Our supplementary feeding programs help these children become physically strong and subsequently leads to their normal growth.

2. Education - Learn and Grow

We encourage children from underprivileged families to join schools, provide them with study materials and new school kits. We have launched supporting programs to solidify their schooling experience. Many schools today do not have proper amenities and with the help of our partners and our Education Funds, we provide computers and other essential amenities as well.

3. Medical attention – The greatest wealth is health

Providing medical assistance has been an important aspect of our work with children. Regular HFCF medical camps help these children identify any illnesses, lack of immunisation, vitamin deficiencies, and disorders.

We have partnered with leading hospitals in the city, whose doctors oversee these camps where children undergo general check-ups, eye tests, dental check-ups, de-worming, and are provided with vitamin supplements. As an additional commitment to ensure good medical conditions of these children, we often refer kids, with long-term health issues to trusted doctors and provide the requisite monetary support as well.

Apart from physical health, it is our belief that spiritual and emotional health also are an essential link in a child’s overall development. That is why yoga, meditation sessions, Pranic Healing camps, and counselling are integral aspects of all our programs. To complete the cycle of wholesome support sustained medical services are coupled with food and education.

4. Skills Development – The stepping-stone to empowerment

Each program designed by HFCF provides "personal development training”. This is an integral part of HFCF projects and the organisation strongly believes in developing the potential of a person. HFCF focuses on three types of skills. They are life skills, livelihood skills & soft skills.

Life skills help the children face the challenges of day to day life focusing on emotional skills, self-management skills, thinking skills and interpersonal skills. HFCF has developed a curriculum on life skills based on the guidelines of World Health Organization, which suits the Indian scenario. HFCF has simplified it into 30 sessions, which are participatory and interactive in nature hence easy for the children to learn.

Livelihood skills focus on developing skills that will give our beneficiaries a better-earning ability and hence upgrade their living standards. HFCF gives a platform for different kinds of vocational training based on the needs of the community. We have achieved phenomenal success in delivering training & in making a real difference to the lives of our beneficiaries. 

Soft skills such as leadership, communication, team building and entrepreneurial interest have become critical for hiring good human resources and for employee retention. Soft skills are critical in showcasing one's hard skills. Soft skills help a person become resourceful, ethical and self-directed.  Over the years, HFCF has partnered with more than 110 orphanages, NGOs and schools across India in building their capacities. As a part of the continuous process, we spread and implement our core programs among the schools and organisations that are dedicated to the cause of child empowerment. 

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