How You Can Help

When you commit to Hope for the Children Foundation, you become part of our family. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the work we have been doing.

Partner With Us

Partner in Action provides a comprehensive CSR venture with corporate houses to help meet their objectives and ours. It may include employee engagement through service, bonding with the community, voluntary services and monetary support to our various programmes.

The uniqueness of Hope for the Children Foundation CSR programme is that we act as a catalyst between your organisation and your employees & the people that we help and serve at the grassroots level. We ensure your money or in-kind donation goes to the right people!

We tailor our partnerships to meet your goals and we use grassroots experience to create engaging activities that are easy to implement and to provide a relevant impact in the community we serve together.

Partner in Action values lies in sustainability, accountability, transparency, and the will to do good.

We are seeking partners to share in our mission and want to strike a long lasting relationship — to help people around us and turn deprivation into the opportunities they deserve.

Contact our corporate partnership team to explore opportunities for your organization at